From The Mars Hotel (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [3CD]
From The Mars Hotel (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [3CD]

From The Mars Hotel (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [3CD]

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FROM THE MARS HOTEL (50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION) features remastered audio by GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer David Glasser, with Plangent Processes tape restoration and speed correction. Produced for release by Grateful Dead Legacy Manager and Audio Archivist, David Lemieux, the DELUXE EDITION also includes demos of “China Doll” and “Wave That Flag” – the song that became “U.S. Blues” – as well as a previously unreleased live performance of the Grateful Dead at University of Nevada-Reno on 5/12/1974. As the band filled an outdoor football stadium with epic highs like huge “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider,” Mars Hotel cuts including “U.S. Blues” and classics such as “Brown-Eyed Women,” “Tennessee Jed,” “Mississippi Half-Step,” “Truckin',” “Sugar Magnolia,” a massive wind storm was no match for the Wall of Sound. Designed to improve the listening and performance experience at what were becoming larger gigs and longer, more dynamic and varied sets, the Wall of Sound required 21 stage hands, and underlined the resounding effect the Grateful Dead were having on American audiences and culture at the time, even as the entire operation remained homespun and humble. 

Recorded in San Francisco’s Coast Recorders studio, FROM THE MARS HOTEL finds Keith Godchaux particularly shining across a variety of keys, from the “China Doll” harpsichord to the pounding piano on Bob Weir’s “Money Money,” to the churchy organ that elevates “Ship Of Fools.” Lyricist Robert Hunter packs “U.S. Blues” with a barrage of imagery, pop-culture references and sardonic asides – as Canadian author Ray Robertson writes in the 50th Anniversary Edition’s liner notes, it “carries an undeniable whiff of late-capitalism ennui…it’s the most fun you’ll ever have dancing to the end of the American Empire.” Jerry Garcia’s jaunty lead guitar drives bouncing melodies across the LP, while guests include Ned Lagin’s unnerving synth effects on “Unbroken Chain,” Clover member John McFee’s country-rock pedal steel on “Pride Of Cucamonga,” and more.

CD 1
        1.        U.S. BLUES 
        2.        CHINA DOLL
        3.        UNBROKEN CHAIN
        4.        LOOSE LUCY
        5.        SCARLET BEGONIAS
        6.        PRIDE OF CUCAMONGA
        7.        MONEY MONEY
        8.        SHIP OF FOOLS
Bonus Tracks
        9.        China Doll (Demo)
        10.        U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)(Demo)

Live at University of Nevada, Reno, NV, 5/12/74

CD 2
        1.        SUGAREE
        2.        MEXICALI BLUES
        3.        TENNESSEE JED
        4.        JACK STRAW
        5.        BROWN-EYED WOMEN
        6.        BEAT IT ON DOWN THE LINE
        7.        CHINA CAT SUNFLOWER>
        8.        I KNOW YOU RIDER
        9.        EL PASO
        10.        U.S. BLUES
        11.        GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD
        12.        IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE ROSES
        13.        ME AND BOBBY MCGEE
        14.        DEAL

CD 3
        1.        AROUND AND AROUND
        3.        TRUCKIN'>
        4.        THE OTHER ONE>
        5.        ROW JIMMY
        6.        BIG RIVER
        7.        SHIP OF FOOLS
        8.        SUGAR MAGNOLIA