Dave’s Picks Vol. 23: Eugene, OR 1/22/78 5LP
Dave’s Picks Vol. 23: Eugene, OR 1/22/78 5LP

Dave’s Picks Vol. 23: Eugene, OR 1/22/78 5LP

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This 5LP set is strictly limited to 5,000 copies. Each copy is individually numbered.

As you're likely now aware, we'll be reissuing some of the Dave's Picks releases on vinyl, re-mastered from the original analog tapes by David Glasser. We won't be releasing them all, but we'll be curating some of our and your favourites on an occasional basis. Last year, Vol. 1 from 5/25/77 came out on vinyl, and the second release will be Vol. 23, the magnificent show from 1/22/78 in Eugene, OR. This show is dynamite from start to finish, with a few upper-tier Grateful Dead moments from the 1977-1978 period. The unique "Close Encounters" theme and "St. Stephen" are the centrepieces of what is considered one of 1978's best second sets. We have more great Dave's Picks planned for vinyl release, so stay tuned, but for now we hope you'll dig the long-sold-out-on-CD Vol. 23. - David Lemieux
Close encounters in Eugene, Oregon! We are not alone in saying this one could be considered top-of-line Grateful Dead from 1978. Yes, as the tales have been told, 1/22/78 conjured up vibes of the Be-in, Altamont, Yippies, Psychedelia, Woodstock, Free Speech, Acid Trips, heaven for one lucky concert-goer, and of course, aliens. If you wanna know what we're on about, there's no better way to experience the show than with this lovingly-restored version from legendary sound engineer Betty Cantor-Jackson's recordings. Witness sets packed with bright and vibrant gems like a surprisingly heavy "Row Jimmy," a freshly tender "Ship Of Fools," and a transcendental "The Other One." And if you have levitated too far, Jerry's "Close Encounters" solo (ironic, we know) will reel you back in and set you right up for the powerful crescendo of "St. Stephen" and the band's shake-it-all-about boogie-down finale.

Seaside Chat: Dave's Picks Volume 23

Side A
1. New Minglewood Blues
2. Dire Wolf
3. Cassidy

Side B
1. Peggy-O
2. El Paso
3. Tennessee Jed

Side C
1. Jack Straw
2. Row Jimmy

Side D
1. The Music Never Stopped
2. Bertha>
3. Good Lovin'

Side E
1. Ship of Fools
2. Samson and Delilah

Side F
1. Terrapin Station>
2. Drums 

Side G
1. The Other One

Side H
1. Space>
2. St. Stephen

Side I
1. Not Fade Away

Side J
1. Around and Around
2. U.S. Blues