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Capricorn Mineral Wash T-Shirt

Grateful Dead
Capricorn Mineral Wash T-Shirt

T-shirt features Astrology based Capricorn design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Daniel Albrigo.

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T-shirt features Astrology based Capricorn design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Daniel Albrigo.
  • Relaxed Fit - True to size
  • 6.1 oz, 100% ring spun cotton
  • Color: Chili
  • Brand: Comfort Colors with Mineral Wash
  • Dead.net exclusive
Track Listing

Capricorn the Father of Time

On December 22nd during the Winter Solstice, when the Last leaf fallen bare earth where green was born.” we welcome Capricorn the Saturnian Sea goat and the maturation of our earthly and material worlds. Capricorn appears in the night sky by three bright stars Alpha Capricorni, Beta Capricorni and Omega Capricorni in a faint yet captivating image of the sea goat. Capricorn is also known as the mountain goat because they are always climbing to reach new heights.

“Nothing's for certain, It could always go wrong, Come in when it's raining, Go on out when it's gone. We could have us a high time, Living the good life, Well I know”

The word Capricornus means “goat horn” in Latin. There are many mythologies surrounding Capricorn but perhaps the most relevant being the tale of Zeus and his rise to power. Rhea and Cronus were siblings and lovers born of Uranus and Gaia. Cronus rose to power by castrating and killing his father while hiding in his mother’s womb.  He was worried his children might try and do the same because of a prophecy so he ate his immortal children; Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, Hades and Hestia) but was spared Zeus since Rhea replaced his body with a rock. In order to protect Zeus, Ria brought him to be nursed in a cave by a goat nymph named Amalthea. Amalthea fed Zeus and nurtured him as her own and went to great heights to hide him from Cronus. Zeus went on to become the lord of the Universe. He took one of Amalthea’s horns and turned it into the horn of plenty; filled to the brim with copious delicacies. In order to commemorate the goat nurse Amalthea, Zeus placed her image in the sky as the constellation of Capricorn. Upon reuniting with his father, Zeus poisoned him causing all of his immortal siblings to be regurgitated from his belly and ready to rise up against their father as the Olympians. The Olympians won over their patriarchal lineage and terrain as Gods while their victory meant the end of the Titans rule.  This 10-year battle between patrilineal lines resulted in the reign of the Gods at Mt. Olympus. One story is that Zeus killed his father Cronus with the same scythe Cronus used to kill his father Uranus. The story of Capricorn is also referenced as early as the Babylonians in the story of the god Enki among many others. The themes of power and the patriarchy as well as the conduit for seeding shifts within the toxicity is notably through a divinely nurturing and albeit feminine presence. The story of Capricorn can be seen as one of the road to maturation or destiny.

When a Capricorn is appears in your life, it will most surely be the perfect timing as these creatures are intrinsically right on time. If you have somehow caught the attention of one; things are about to go very well or at least you are being given a chance to witness divine creation in all its glory. The Capricorn can be seen as having symmetrical and corncob teeth, fine hair, and exceptionally gothic or utilitarian style.  Capricorn rules the bones, teeth, joints, gall bladder and regulates hormone systems in the body. Capricorns often respond very well to a mineral rich diet to soothe their overworked bodies. Capricorns can be rather reserved or quiet when they are new or less familiar with their surroundings and can be mistaken for timid. The Capricorn has not only mastered time, but also will most likely have plenty to spare especially with close friends and family. The Capricorn is here to materialize all that is magic.

“Circle songs and sands of time, And seasons will end in tumbled rhyme. And little change, the wind and rain”

Capricorn is the final of the cardinal signs known for their initiation and leadership. Capricorns are the keepers of stardust and stamina because they are ruled by the bones (which are made of stardust). They are here to create and make material that which is most beneficial for our earth.

Rumor has it that the Grateful Dead changed their name in January of 1965 from their former name “the warlocks” making them officially a Capricorn. They started their band during Capricorn season which means their band had a lot of staying power, stamina, and earthly vision.

“Hey, Tom Banjo it's time to matter, The earth will see you on through this time,

The earth will see you on through this time”

Capricorn is associated with stability, order and the ability to amass wealth. Capricorns are always moving up in life. They will rarely take a vacation because they are driven to accomplish tasks. They are known for making practical and safe environments for the protection of our earth and the feminine energies that need safety. Capricorn is ruled by the Devil in Tarot which reminds us to move through our desires from an objective place rather than simply allowing our passions to become escape. Capricorn is known to have a dark sense of humor and an especially sensual side which are also associated with the archetypal devil energy. The Capricorn energy can help us move past our own inner demons with logic, patience and supportive structures.

“If I get a notion I'll climb this tree. Or chop it down and you can't stop me, Chop it down and you can't stop me”

Capricorn is the 3rd earth sign building on the purifying and practical Virgo. Capricorn is here to apply lessons of time and order to allow for bright and mystical ideas to become a reality.  Capricorn rules the 10th house in astrology which is the part of the chart where we are in the public eye and are at our full capacity as far as our position in the world. The area where we form our position and career can be determined by the planet on the 10th house cusp. The 10th house is where we fully leave our adolescence behind and step up to the plate. Ruled by Saturn; this house embodies the father archetype in the chart as well as the type of position or role you will play in your career or in persona that is offered to the public.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is one of the largest planets next to Jupiter and takes about 30 years to fully rotate our earth. In ancient mythology, Saturn was said to have ruled our skies and shone brightly above Mars and Venus creating an appearance of a heavenly ladder or axis mundi. This apparent phenomenon in the sky appeared liked a bright halo or a mountain and was said to have represented Mt. Olympus or a ladder to enlightenment. The myths suggest that Saturn was once our sun but retired into its own orbit to take on the role of mentor teacher rather than ruler. Saturn is referred to as the lord of karma, time, and order. It is Saturn that wants us to thoroughly learn and implement our knowledge once and for all. Saturn holds the memories of our soul which assists us in learning how to prioritize in an orderly manner. Saturn assists us in materializing that which is healthy and can stand the test of time. Saturn doesn’t allow shortcuts because it can see the long-term lessons that need to be fully understood and integrated. In present day, Saturn may not rule our sky but it certainly rules over ensuring our full maturation of goals while holding a scrutinizingly karmic and timely vibe. Wherever Saturn is in your chart is where you are called to step things up and take full responsibility in this lifetime.

“Daddy may drive a V-8 'Vet Mama may bathe in champagne yet.

God bless the child that's got his own stash

Nine to five and a place to crash”

The Capricorn child is very much beyond their years and can be referred to as shy or picky. The Capricorn child respects and admires their adult mentors such as teachers and parental figures. They love to learn all of their family’s traditions and inner workings so as to understand and build their safe platform to jump off of. They tend to come to terms with more adult concepts of order and its role in overseeing desires. Their lessons in cause and effect from an early age prepares them to handle self-regulation and independence. Although they appreciate authority more than other signs, they ultimately rule themselves and learn the structures so that they can better achieve their goals. They can appear shy especially if they are ignored by their busy parents but the correct term is cautious; they take their friendships seriously. They usually have one sibling who is polar opposite of them or could have a few who they stay in close touch with despite their differences. The Capricorn child learns to have a lot of buoyancy in their expectations understanding that they ultimately serve as their own standing ground which becomes a mountain as they reach adulthood. The Capricorn child has a mystical and earthy side which is why they find themselves in forests surrounded by nourishing plants and maybe even fairies.

The Capricorn has a great eye for longevity in all aspects of life. They are shy to admit they have their next steps all planned out even if it’s not written down. They have an innate desire to master something much like their earth sign friends the Virgo and Taurus. Although their need to master can easily become an obsession. Capricorns find joy and satisfaction from accomplishing and being able to provide for their friends and family. Capricorn represents the mature period of sharing, guiding and creating abundance. The Capricorn had bigger goals than most and because of this they end up shooting for the stars and landing high up on some mountain. They may never be satisfied as far as their career is concerned but this is what drives them to new heights. Capricorns tend to pair well with other earth signs as well as their opposite, Cancer. Capricorns have more traditional views on family and friendships and tend to commit for lifelong partnerships. They are seen as a pillar of strength by their families and communities.

In conclusion, our friend the Capricorn has a wise soul that seeks actualization and order. They are some of the most helpful and patient mentors who can create structures that will be standing long after they are gone. Capricorn takes us on a journey to responsibility to act on our impulses in a way that is attainable and practical. Capricorn can get a bad reputation for being materialistic or one track minded but that is only when they are shut off from their true vision. Once they remember who they are; they can quite literally be the earth protectors and implementers for a better well-structured world.


“Cold mountain water, the jade merchant's daughter,

Mountains of the moon, Electra bow and bend to me.

Hi ho the carrion crow fol de rol de riddle

Hi ho the carrion crow bow and bend to me.

Golden hills, now veiled in gray

Summer leaves have blown away

Now what remains? The wind and rain”


“Somebody has to do something, and its just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.” – Jerry Garcia