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Dave's Picks 2020 Subscription
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Dave’s Picks 2020 Subscriptions
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Dave's Picks 2020 Subscription


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Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases

  • Dave's Picks 33: 10/29/77 Dekalb, IL 
  • Dave's Picks 34: 6/23/74  Miami, FL
  • Dave's Picks 35 & 36 To Be Revealed!
  • Highly Collectible Bonus Disc - nearly 80 minutes of music from 6/22/74
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Delivered Throughout The Year
  • A savings of $25.00 over purchasing a la carte

As we head into our 9th year of the Dave's Picks series, we're as excited as we were in mid-2011 when we conceived of the future of the Grateful Dead's archival release series. We had a clear vision, a terrific team that is still largely in place, and unlimited enthusiasm for the series, and the Dead's music. Now, almost 10 years later, we are just as excited about the Dave's Picks series as we were then. Even more so, actually. We've increased the amount of CDs we press to ensure that it's available much more widely, and we've dug very deep into the vault to make sure that we continue to produce A+ Grateful Dead concerts into what we hope will be cornerstones of your music collection for decades to come. We look back on our 2019 releases, with concerts from 1977, very early 1970 (might as well be 1969), late 1979 (might as well be 1980), and our final installment of the year, from 1973, and it thrills us to see such variety and excellence, which we hope to match (and ideally surpass!) in 2020. Beginning the year with the classic 10/29/77 show from DeKalb, we're already giddy at what's shaping up to be another great year in the Grateful Dead archival release world.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for coming along on the Dave's Picks journey. It's been an incredible trip so far, one we hope to keep going for many years, and we owe it all to your interest, support, and input. We love what we do because you continue to dig what we do.

David Lemieux
October 2019

Summer love, spring, fall, and winter - you can do the Dead all year long with a Dave's Picks 2020 subscription. To accommodate the increased demand, we're taking the production run up to 22,000 for each of the four Dave's Picks 2020 releases. As always, your best bet is to subscribe because when these releases go up for sale a la carte, they sell out within hours. No joke - hours.

In addition to the four CD releases in 2020, totaling 12 CDs, you’ll also get the subscription-exclusive bonus disc, which has proven to be one of the most highly sought after collectables we’ve ever released, and free domestic shipping. Subscriber bonus discs will not be released outside of this offer. Early bird subscribers can nab a sub at $99.98 (regular pricing will be $115.92).




• Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases
• Highly Collectible Bonus Disc
• Free Domestic Shipping
• Delivered Quarterly Throughout The Year
• A savings of over $25.00 over purchasing a la carte

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