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Dave's Picks 2021 Subscription
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Dave's Picks 2021 Subscription


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“Welcome to the 10th year of the Dave's Picks series! We're amazed and humbled that this community of Dave's Picks fans keeps growing, and we just wanted to let you know how much we sincerely appreciate your support of and interest in the series. We started in 2012 with 12,000 of each release, and now we've more doubled that, with 25,000 in 2021. Wow! We keep working as hard as we possibly can to bring you the best, most exciting Grateful Dead shows in the vault. Our 2020 releases included music from 1977, 1974, 1984, and the latest, biggest release yet in the series, the two complete Hartford shows from 1987. Looking ahead, we've selected two exceptional, A+ Dead shows for Vol. 37 (more on that in the video below) and 38, as well as the Bonus Disc that will come with Vol. 38. Big year ahead! As we head into the 10th year of the series, there's no end in sight. We love what we do, and have loads of plans and ideas for the next few years. Onward to more great music!”
-David Lemieux, October 2020

Times may be trying but the music has never and will never stop! Keep the momentum going by doing the Dead all year long with a Dave's Picks 2021 subscription. We're taking the production run up one final time - to 25,000 - for each of the four Dave's Picks 2021 releases. We'll also be doing things a wee bit differently this year - subscribers will be the first to receive their Dave's Picks. A la carte sales will go up on street date (no more pre-orders) and if you don't subscribe - we highly encourage you to - you'll want to be ready and waiting because these releases sell out within hours. Hours - no hyperbole.

In addition to the four releases in 2021, totaling 12 CDs, you’ll also get the subscription exclusive bonus disc, which has proven to be one of the most highly sought-after collectables we release, and free domestic shipping. Subscriber bonus discs will not be released outside of this offer. Early bird subscribers can nab a sub at $99.98 (regular pricing will be $115.92).



• Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases
• Highly Collectible Bonus Disc
• Free Domestic Shipping
• Delivered Throughout The Year
• Early Bird Pricing - $99.98
• A savings of over $25.00 over purchasing a la carte