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Aquarius Mineral Wash T-Shirt

Grateful Dead
Aquarius Mineral Wash T-Shirt

T-shirt features Astrology based Aquarius design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Ruben Perez.

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T-shirt features Astrology based Aquarius design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Ruben Perez.
  • Relaxed Fit - True to size
  • 6.1 oz, 100% ring spun cotton
  • Color: Lagoon
  • Brand: Comfort Colors with Mineral Wash
  • exclusive
Track Listing

Aquarius the Alien

On January 20th until February 18th, during the cool of late winter, we welcome the Aquarian star archetype of our future. Aquarius is the final air sign and a fixed zodiacal sign. It’s known as the water bearer to the gods and the archetypal angelic human. It can represent the enlightenment that comes from mastering human ego and also can represent the freedom from attachment. You will notice Aquarius by their bright and otherworldly creative style. They are bold, authentic and may even intimidate you!

Aquarius can be seen in the night sky as one of the larger constellations nearby the “sea” water constellations of Cetus the whale, Pisces the fish, and Eridanus, the river. The con-stellation of the water bearer can be identified by the bright fixed star called Sadalsuud or Beta Aquarii. This constellation contains the Saturn and Helix Nebulae, deep sky Messier objects 2, 72, and 73 as well as the Atoms for peace and dwarf Galaxies. You see, much of the energy editing from Aquarius is so advanced that we could easily be-come confused or puzzled by some of the intricacies. Luckily Aquarius can represent a guide on earth in human form to help us learn about these lofty or scientific technolo-gies.

The name Aquarius is Latin for cup carrier or water bearer. The Mythology of Aquarius can be seen in the story of Ganymede, who was the cup bearer to the gods. Ganymede was a prince known as the most handsome in Troy. Zeus became infatuated with Gany-mede so he turned himself into an eagle and swooped down to bring him up to Mt. Olympus. He then enslaved Ganymede to be the cup bearer to the gods; pouring divine nectars of immortality into the Olympians. Ganymede was more than just an elixir pourer; he was also Zeus’s personal lover. One day Ganymede reached his personal breaking point and dropped all of the waters and elixirs over the earth causing a massive flood all over the world. Some say that the water drowned out the evils of the earth to create a clean slate for the future. Zeus instead of becoming angry by Ganymedes resig-nation, ended up realizing his faults and placing Ganymede in the sky commemorating him for his efforts as the water bearer to the gods. The story can be seen as similar to that of Virgo and Persephone who was stolen by Hyades except with Zeus, he is seen as the “good” god.

Aquarius rules the age we are currently in and it is having a makeover within itself. What exactly is the age of Aquarius you may ask? Well it is the precession of vernal equi-noxes that occur within one constellation for about 2100-year cycle. The ancients say it’s the dawning of the golden age as the sun moves into closer orbit with the bright star of Sirius. Aquarius has a duty to truth, intelligence and future thinking. It rules over com-munities, social justice, aliens, astrology. technology, unique vision, and friendships. The Aquarian age rules over electromagnetic frequency specifically of stars which is why they are the other “star” of the zodiac. Aquarius is one of the ruling signs of the crown chakra which brings in group consciousness awareness. Aquarius possess a soul memory of how things should be.

Once ruled by Saturn (sidereal still follow this), Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is the oddball of the zodiac, rotating on its side and out of step with the others. In Greek mythology, Uranus is the god of the sky and Grandfather to Zeus. Uranus is the third planet from the sun and is the coldest of all planets. Uranus spins on its side and takes 84 years to fully make an orbit around the Earth. The lower vibration of this planet rules chaos and rebellion which can be seen when Uranus transits an energetic planet like Ju-piter or Mars. The higher vibrations of the planet bring new and innovative ideas or ap-proaches to solving systemic and humanitarian issues. Uranus brings a certain tower en-ergy to that which does not see. In many ways the energy can be illuminating of what is true and much like its old ruler Saturn, needs to be long term.


When an Aquarius appears in your life you may feel like you have been struck with elec-tric rainbows. The angelic and otherworldly alien ness of the Aquarian can be seen straight away when they open their mouths with wise magical tales of truth and light. The Aquarius is intellectually gifted, creatively star studded, and magnetically irresisti-ble. Sometimes the Aquarian is seen as cool or even cold but in truth they are very selec-tive of who they let into their life similar to their cousin the Virgo. Aquarius rules over the lower legs, oxygenation of cells, electromagnetic impulses of nerves, and the fre-quencies your energy body. In many ways Aquarius is highly sensitive to electricity and requires extra air in the form of literal “space” from people. The Aquarius has mastered quite a lot and feels more emotionally available to causes and groups rather than one on one partnerships or friendships. They are devoted and fully engaged with shifting and accelerating their own spirituality in order to be of humanitarian service and this is where they get their nickname “Angel of the Zodiac.” The higher vibration of Aquarius is to express their collective knowledge and wisdom with the world. Not only is it possible for them to reach higher frequencies, its’ also possible for them to speak across time-lines; connecting their brilliant ideas to structures that can seem to come from the fu-ture.

“Like an angel, Standing in a shaft of light. Rising up to paradise, I know I'm going to shine”

The 11th house is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius and can show the type of community we wish to have as well as the friendships that surround and support us. It is in this house you put your ego aside for something greater. The 11th house also rules self-employ-ment, employees, and innovation. Whatever sign you have on your 11th house cusp will determine the types of people and situations outside of your family that you get involved with. The 11th house reminds us to bring our inner world outside and to commune with life and moving it forward. When I think of Aquarius, I think of the propeller or the technology moving an object to greater heights and the 11th house is where that energy takes place.

The Aquarius child can often embody the rebel attitude, but this can shift overtime as they begin to embrace their uniqueness. They initially will oppose most everything like a test to their superiors, but they can usually learn early on that they are met with much resistance. Aquarian children tend to be the older or oldest sibling. Depending on the other signs in the chart Aquarius can bring the idea of group consciousness and social change in whatever they do. The aloof and reserved mask they wear will eventually wear off when they find something that creates a spark for them. Aquarian children love fan-tasy and learning about humanity and how they come together. Aquarian children are usually quite outspoken and prefer to be alone then to bend at anyone’s will; they will, however, naturally attract a lot of friends and followers. Like the Capricorn, the Aquar-ian can become overwhelmed by the sad state of the world, so it is important to cheer them on and shower them in support and affection. Much like the Virgo, the Aquarius child can have sensitive digestion and need extra care for their over-active imagination. As the Aquarius matures, they find themselves championing causes, strong friendships, and their own unique mark in the world.

Mickey Hart has his Moon in Aquarius as well as his Sun in Virgo. He was seen as a highly spiritual and inspiring force musically noting his drums were “spirit” drums.

He explained, “The adventure of composition is a mystery. The muse has her ways, she hides from you, comes for you in the middle of the night, at midday, at dawn. You must believe wholeheartedly in this divine power. It’s an elusive gift that can appear at any-time, anywhere. Artists are in awe of it." ~ Mickey Hart

Aquarius has a connection to the future pulse and can create innovative and shocking movements and concepts that can create a change. The energy Aquarius brings can be volatile and yet it propels us forward towards reaching higher ideals. The chaos energy only ever is that which doesn’t serve the collective consciousness so where there is some-thing wild happening; there will come great and profound change. In many ways Aquarians are the most “chill” of the signs as they seem to fly under the emotional radar. The Aquarian doesn’t usually ask for help but can be extremely fair leaders with im-mense patience for the shortcomings of others.

“I’m in no hurry, no, Rainbows and down that highway where ocean breezes blow. My time coming, voices saying they tell me where to go. Don’t worry about me, nah, nah, nah”

Relationships can be hard for Aquarius since they need to maintain their freedom emo-tionally. They are one of the least likely signs to commit to a relationship. They are very open minded to new and non-traditional forms of partnerships especially if their Venus is in Aquarius. Aquarius tend to attract those wildly different from themselves and are the least likely to date their mirror. They are very open to new ideas and concepts and prefer to be around people different from them. They are extremely nourishing and ded-icated to providing water and life into their communities and families. Aquarius are known to have staying power in a commitment so long as they are met with an adaptive and changing energy so they can jump into their Angelic future together.

Aquarius is the time traveler and the truth-sayer of the zodiac. The Aquarian archetype can be seen as the Star in the tarot which brings with it the awakened “enlightened” en-ergy after a period of chaos “the tower”. Many can see the rebellious and chaotic side of Aquarius but may fail to see their angelic star medicine; which means that they provide a lot to those around them and can guide us to a higher frequency future. Since the 60s we have been singing about the Age of Aquarius because it called a time of great change and innovation, freedom and light. Lets’ give it up for Aquarius who are highly intelli-gent, patient and

“Life may be sweeter for this, I don't know, see how it feels in the end. May lady lullaby sing plainly for you soft, strong, sweet and true. Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow tapping at the window, touch your hair, so swift and bright strange figures of light float in air”