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Virgo Mineral Wash T-Shirt

Grateful Dead
Virgo Mineral Wash T-Shirt

T-shirt features Astrology based Virgo design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Daniel Albrigo.


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T-shirt features Astrology based Virgo design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Daniel Albrigo.

  • Relaxed Fit - True to size
  • 6.1 oz, 100% ring spun cotton
  • Color: Blue Jean
  • Brand: Comfort Colors with Mineral Wash
  • Dead.net exclusive
Track Listing

Virgo the Purifier of Power

At the end of summer, from August 22nd to September 21, the sun enters the precious sign of Virgo. The constellation of Virgo can be seen in the sky as a vast and dim maiden with the most visible star being the bright blue star, Spica which is Latin for ear of grain.

“Picture a bright blue ball, Just spinning, spinning free, dizzy with eternity.”

Greek mythology explains the energy of Virgo in their story of Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of Harvest and her journey into the underworld as Hyades wife. Demeter ended up pulling her out of Hyades by striking a deal that would enable her to return to earth to help with the Harvest half of the year and disappear to Hyades for the winter to plant seeds and germinate. The energy of Virgo is nurturing, fertile, and regenerative. The Virgo constellation is the 2nd largest in the skies and despite its dimness, it contains the largest black hole known as the M87.

"There's a hole in the sky where the light pours in, I remembered the days when I wasn't afraid of the sunshine.”

This black hole consumes large quantities of gas and transmutes it into something completely unknown to us but clearly something massive is happening. The idea of a black hole or a portal into the unknown is the mature and higher manifestation of the Virgo as it resembles purification and ascension. The trouble is that Virgo often take their own inner critic and drive themselves out of progression until they finally create the meticulous platform upon which to jump off and spread their wings.

You will notice a Virgo by their glossy and open-hearted eyes, symmetrical face and impeccable taste in clothing. Even if they wear nothing but comfy clothes they will do so meticulously. Their posture usually has some kind of quirk because they are ruled by the gut and brain and its intelligence which creates a hyper sensitivity to their habits. Their body is so intelligent it’s as if it’s taking orders directly from a god or something!  The energy of Virgo can be seen as extremely helpful, soft, receptive and discerning. Virgos love lists, red wine, nights in, and all of the coordinated aesthetics. If you do want their opinion, get ready to be blown away because their sharp tongue will come out to slice any semblance of ego you may have had.

“I see you've got your list out, say your piece and get out, Guess I get the gist of it, but it's alright

Sorry that you feel that way, the only thing there is to say, every silver linings got a touch of grey”

Virgos are associated with abundance, manifestation, purity, and magic. Virgos are the purifiers of the zodiac because they have the magical skills needed to clean and clear and restore balance to Earth. If you are wondering if your skills need some work, ask a Virgo and they’d be happy to point you in the right direction. If you have an unchecked ego, I would suggest venturing far away from the Virgo. Do not expect them to be patient when you don’t take their advice and do not expect them to come to your rescue once they realize their power has been wasted on you. Virgos will naturally create abundance wherever they go when they have mastered their inner critic. The Virgo by nature has a large auric field of energy and instead of drawing people to them like Leo, they tend to heal (or make ideal) what is around them. The Virgo’s task is to master his or her own craft or service to the world instead and to build confidence as they progress. The Virgo is born rather cautious, discerning, and loving. They pick up on faults and what needs fixing, so naturally they may need to learn to declutter the amount of friends or projects they may have lying around them in order to stay on a positive footing.

“We got everyone believin' that more is more

If a reckoning comes, maybe we will know what to do then”

Virgo is the 2nd earth sign in the zodiac, building upon the practical and artistic Taurus, the Virgo is here to help us materialize the unknown. Their birthstone, Sapphire represents their ability to attain near perfection as they can awaken themselves and those around them to higher states of consciousness. They can clearly see the ‘wrong’ in any situation and can patiently work to see the situation through to its transcendence. Like their blue star Spica, and their blue sapphire power stone, they can truly radiate beams of healing light over anything they touch. In many ways, Virgos are guardians of near perfection, it is inside their DNA to “just know” the best way forward. Some of the archetypes associated with Virgo are the magician, the hermit, the virgin, the queen of harvest, queen of the underworld, and of course a literal black hole called the m87.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the smallest planet with an orbit that takes 88 days (approximately), making it the fastest moving planet in the zodiac. Mercury is said to be the “messenger of gods” in many ancient teachings. Mercury moves quick, and has to bring a lot of wisdom wherever it goes. It can quickly become overwhelmed by all of the things that need fixing. Mercury combined with the earthiness of Virgo creates a steadfast and precise energy that can accomplish anything. It will be the Virgo who understands timing, and the full spectrum of work required to accomplish a solid body of work to allow their magic well to initiate many into higher planes of existence. The Virgo can become an accomplished artist, teacher and mentor as long as they can learn to work with the flow of Mercury and not become overwhelmed by it. One piece of advice for Virgo is to write things out so as to allow Mercury to flow freely without restraint.

Virgo rules the 6th house in the natal chart which is associated with medicine, routine, hard work, and health. It is in this house where we can truly dive into our gratitude by showing our bodies and minds that we respect ourselves enough to act in accordance with desire (5th house). The work of this house is often the most crucial in anyone’s journey as it signifies the potent manifestation period wherein we are called to actually face whatever may holding us back and commit to lifestyle and daily activities that inch us towards success. The mind and body connection are established in the 6th house as a reminder of the sacred vessel needed to be pure enough to receive all the abundant blessings that come from careful and practical application of talent.

Virgos as children can be attached to creature comforts such as foods and activities that ease their highly precious systems. They are highly sensitive and their gifts can be overwhelming. As young adults, Virgos tend to spend more time alone and require a lot of physical outlets to clear their bodies so as to become greater at “processing data” within themselves so as to understand what it is they want to do. One thing is always for sure with them, they love to bathe, love freshness of all kinds and even the messier Virgos, will always have a method to their madness. They are constantly plugged in and have a hard time escaping naturally. Because of this, Virgos usually find a meditative activity like yoga, or playing an instrument so as to physically connect to their own guidance. They have a harder time than most just sitting around so they will be ignited by a purpose or a plan.

Mickey Hart is a Virgo born on September 11, and his famous otherworldly drumming skills take us through portals of transformative rhythmic bliss. Virgos have an innate natural intelligent rhythm that yearns to be expressed. Because the Virgo is so sensitive and helpful to their surroundings, they naturally can hold down a lot of energy when working in small groups. Virgos tend towards percussive instruments such as piano or drums and are able to transcend mental ceilings that can create an advanced level of skill that will have anyone transfixed. The hypnotic rhythms the Virgo’s energy pour out into whatever they do as long as they are engaging with conscious thought and bodily awareness. Presence is one of the toughest skills to attain which explains why the Virgos don’t have time to waste. They can be the modest, hardworking and often abused member of their inner circles until they feel a mastery as they can go from abundant and healthy, to masterful and Magic.

The Virgo is so pure of heart that they often can give it away to untrustworthy individuals or make great sacrifices for others within relationships. Much like their opposition, the Pisces, they are sensitive and mysterious, however the Virgo is materializing and alchemizing the volumes of psychic energy Pisces provides. The Virgo embodies a balance between feminine and masculine and the abundance that comes when you have planned and plotted ahead of time. The Virgo will listen to your every story as long as they feel comfortable in the relationship, they will be fully dedicated to their entire families and small carefully chosen group of friends.

Deep inside, Virgos are incredibly idealistic and nurturing. In relationships, Virgos are quite fickle and shy as a protective mechanism that shields them from intrusive energies. Because the Virgo can be one of the most helpful and committed friends, they can take quite a while before allowing you to be signed up as an official member of their (#goals) squad. Their most compatible signs are their earth cousins; Taurus and Capricorn as well as their opposition - Pisces.  They can suffer from familiarity and routine so they are less likely to branch out beyond their circle. Once they have established a common ground, they can finally let loose and create ripples of positivity and laughter throughout their lives as they find an outlet for all the finely tuned inner workings of their brains.

The Virgo far surpasses the original archetype of Virgin. Virgos are natural witches by definition as their core values are often rooted in the protection of earth and the cultivating of medicines and agriculture. Once they master the mundane, they most certainly can become masters of magic. They have a few bumps in the road that they are called to embrace before committing fully to the betterment of everything they touch. They first have to master their preciousness and purity because let’s face it, no one wants to be as they are a portal within themselves, they must first look deeply into their own eyes to face their own delicate and inelegant needs. Like a precious stone, they need to learn to care exquisitely for their bodies and their minds. Their minds are so powerful that they are perfect candidates for motivational speakers and thought leaders. The Virgo would never think of speaking about something until they have completely learned it. They are hard on themselves at times, but it's a minor hiccup for the greatness that is their destiny. Fertile yet discerning; blooming, blossoming and ever becoming. Like the dew that slips off of the morning crops, the tears of Virgo can purify our thoughts. With the help of our friend the Virgo, we can create heaven on earth.

“The eyes are blind, blue visions, all a seer can own, And touching makes the flesh to cry out loud.

This ground on which the seed of love is sown, All graceful instruments are known”