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Scorpio Mineral Wash T-Shirt

Grateful Dead
Scorpio Mineral Wash T-Shirt

T-shirt features Astrology based Scorpio design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front and back art by Gordon Thomas.

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T-shirt features Astrology based Scorpio design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front and back art by Gordon Thomas.
  • Relaxed Fit - True to size
  • 6.1 oz, 100% ring spun cotton
  • Color: Banana
  • Brand: Comfort Colors with Mineral Wash
  • Dead.net exclusive
Track Listing

Scorpio the Shadow Shaman

When the veil is thin and the air is crisp; the winds of change usher in the official season of the Witch. From October 23rd to November 21st, the sun enters the shadows of the smoldering Scorpio. The word Scorpius is Latin for Scorpion.  In early summer, the constellation of Scorpius can be identified in the night sky by the fixed star of Antares which is historically known as the other Aries or anti Aries (or Mars). Scorpius predates Greek mythology as one of the oldest constellations known and has been associated with stories of the Scorpion, Orion and Pluto.  In greek mythology, one popular story is that Orion the hunter had become too powerful and strong and his desire to kill all of the animals on the planet became a threat to the world.  Gaia, worried about her precious Earth, sent down a Scorpion who was able to kill Orion with its sting; protecting the inhabitants of Earth.  The Scorpion was then placed in the nights sky to remind us of his sacrifice. To this day when the constellation of Scorpio rises on the east, Orion is setting on the west, never to be seen by the other. The tales of Scorpio teach of war, possession, inner demons, and ego death.  The shifting of energy from the time of Plutos discovery as the ruler of Scorpio invites us all to take a deeper look into one of the most complex of signs; the Scorpio.

Scorpios are transforming creatures and can be recognized by their deep and penetrating eyes. Scorpios have many phases and cannot be put in a one size checks all box; however, you will always notice their magnetism. They can be seen in their rebellious phase as the classic black leather and chains, or in their unsuspecting costume of human next store to cover up for their schemes. They also might be seen as the full maturation of the ripe witch; ready to alchemize whatever comes their way. They can most certainly read the room and will not invest their energy where they can see it being misused. Much like the Virgo, Scorpios can be quite discerning when choosing their social friendships as they take them very seriously. This is usually because the Scorpio invests a lot of energy into their lovers and friends and in order to protect their energy they often have to use their razor sharp intuition to see a few steps beyond what’s in front of them.

“I ain't often right, But I've never been wrong, It seldom turns out the way It does in the song. Once in a while you get shown the light, In the strangest of places If you look at it right.”

Scorpios are associated with power, alchemy, vulnerability, and transformation. Scorpios can be often misunderstood because their powerful nature can be intimidating. Scorpios are the only sign to have three official stages that have been discussed since the ancient times. The Scorpion is the initial phase of Scorpio; stinging everything in sight that would dare to threaten their safety. It is in this phase that the Scorpio is in a metaphorical wizard school trying out their powers and accidentally hurting others along the way. This phase usually becomes outgrown by adolescence to make way for the eagle or hawk phase. It is during the eagle or hawk phase that the Scorpio can become more aware of their power on others and can develop deep intuitive abilities. In this phase the Scorpio has enough confidence to be vulnerable and to begin transforming the lives of those around them. The eagle soars above the clouds and can see everything going on and because of this they can strike at the perfect moment (if they needed to). The eagle Scorpio will be able to succeed in the world and will feel in control of their lives. In this phase they can amass a lot of power in the business and relationship world. Their ability to connect to their own shadow and transmute their pain through art and relationship can signal their readiness for the final phase; the phoenix. In the phoenix phase the Scorpio decides to submit to inner transformation and can have a literal ego death and rise from the ashes to alchemize their old energy and past into something whole and truly majestic. If you are in the presence of a phoenix Scorpio you are very lucky because the Phoenix is wise and rarely has time for superficial talk. *Note that the phases for Scorpio are only a general guideline and the whole chart must be considered before you make any assumptions. 

"Circle songs and sands of time, and seasons will end in tumbled rhyme and little change the wind and rain.  And like a desert spring, My lover comes and spreads her wings (flowing)Like a song that's born to soar the sky (flowing) Flowing 'till the rivers all are dry (flowing)The loving in her eyes ”

Scorpio is the 2nd water sign in the zodiac, building on the heart-centered, emotional and loyal Cancer. Scorpio arrives to the earth plane to transmute and transmit the pain and darkness we all cannot see ourselves. The amount of emotions that the Scorpio carries is no joke and because of this they can hold space for others in a very high capacity.  Scorpios are naturally protective and are devoted to those they love. Scorpio is the only sign that acts as a magnifying glass towards dead or unchecked energy. In many ways the Scorpion is the unofficial energy police of the zodiac; they can spot a threat from a mile away.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto in modern western astrology or by Mars in traditional or Vedic astrology. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and is the 9th planet from the sun. Recently, Pluto has been classified as a dwarf planet although its powerfully potent magnetism within the cosmos is undeniable. In Astrology, Pluto is considered an outer planet; yielding a profound presence in each generational cycle lasting about 20 years. It takes 248 years for Pluto to make a full orbit around the sun making it the slowest moving planet in Astrology. Pluto provides power, transformation, alchemy and the revealing of secrets. Pluto is also known as the God of the underworld; bringing the darkness to light and freeing us from fear. Pluto wishes for total destruction of outdated energy and wishes to propel us forward by facing the deepest parts of ourselves. Pluto is known to bring us close to our souls purpose once we decide to accept the invitation to learn from our mirrors and shadows to bring greater self-awareness and connectedness.

Scorpio rules the 8th house in astrology which is the most complex house in the chart. Traditionally the 8th house was the house of life after marriage ruling a mature period of time where there is a movement towards deeper connection and vulnerability. The 8th house rules intimacy, death, and shared finances. Typically, the 8th house in the chart will describe the approach one has towards psychological upgrades and their ability to share resources. The sign on your 8th house cusp will describe the energy that surrounds death, healing abilities, power, the occult, shared finances, and solving mysteries. The tip for this house is to look deep into the shadow and to trust in your own vulnerability in order to reap the magic contained there. It is within this house that all mysteries of the universe become the symbols for self- discovery and ritual magic.

The Scorpio child is sensitive, shy around new people, mature, and extremely moody. Scorpios are often only children or at least they feel that way. This could be because they often require a lot of “grown up” care and desire to grow up more quickly than the other signs. They may start asking about credit cards and death surprisingly early in life! They won’t want to play much with children their own age unless they get to be the “boss”. In their early nature, they need to be healthily activated in their ego but need to be put in their place tirelessly which makes raising a Scorpio a challenge. They have so much on their minds that they can forget about the simple or small tasks. All they really want is a powerfully loving mentor that they can clearly see as a teacher. Although the love to test their parents; they will secretly love being shown their limits. There is a particular emphasis on childhood because of the many levels and transitions the Scorpion endures is based upon their respective platforms. “Well I taught that weeping willow how to cry cry cry, Taught the clouds how to cover up a clear blue sky. Tears I cried for that woman are gonna flood you big river, And I'm a gonna sit right here until I die.”

Scorpios possess a strong amount of magnetism in musical affairs and can be the glue that holds things together. Phil Lesh, although a Pisces, has a stellium of 4 planets in Scorpio; Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury. With all of that Scorpio energy, it’s easy to see that Phil possessed a strong bonding and transforming quality to the group and was a natural leader behind the scenes.  Scorpios emit deep and pleasurable music and have a musical appreciation nearly as potent as their opposite; the Taurus. Scorpios prefer to work behind the scenes but they naturally like to be in control; just from afar. You may see many scorpios become investigators, healers, artists, and even morticians! The energy of Scorpio becomes ripe and ready for witchery when the Phoenix has risen from the ashes.

“What's to be found, racing around,You carry your pain wherever you go. Full of the blues and trying to lose,You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know. So I give you my eyes, and all of their lies. Please help them to learn as well as to see, Capture a glance and make it a dance of looking at you looking at me. The black-throated wind keeps on pouring in With its words of a lie that could almost be true.”

The Scorpio is ruled by their sacral chakra energy which is associated with the colors orange and red. The sacral chakra contains a divine feminine magic portal filled with healing and inspirational creativity.  Scorpios might be drawn to learn to create a protective shield around their powerful auras. It is why they may be so drawn to black as a color because of its protective qualities. The Scorpio wants to connect deeply with others and yearns for mutual understanding and intimacy.  Scorpios have many obstacles thrown their way and become stronger with each test they pass in the game of life. When they master confidence; they will have the attention and respect of whatever it is that they want; which is usually quite a lot. Many Scorpios can lean into the Mars energy and accomplish a great deal especially as directors, over seers and owners of artistic movements and powerful change. In the New Age of Aquarius and with the discovery of Pluto, Scorpio has become fully awakened and primed to achieve personal power and awareness that can alchemize someone’s haunted past into beautiful future treasure.

In relationships, Scorpios can truly shine but not before they break a few hearts! They are amazing listeners as well as therapists to their closest friends but if they aren’t feeling so hot, they could sting you to your core. Scorpios will often win over the attention of those in the room who radiate their own power but energy vampires beware (Scorpio has seen you coming and already has an exit plan)!  Scorpios have a few dark sides to reckon with as well including jealousy which stems from their need to possess things. Their opposite Taurus can assist them to balance out the need to possess materials and stability in healthy and productive ways. Scorpios are one of the most loyal signs once they have reached their mature phase. Scorpions tend to mate for life and are excellent parents; some of the most patient and family-oriented people are Scorpios.  One of the things the Scorpion always provides is movement and momentum in any project or relationship but the direction of the movement is clearly linked to the energy its tied to. The dark nights of the soul that the Scorpio often experiences can be truly painful for those around them but their light grows brighter each time and they will come out more powerful than ever. They are born to be ready to hold a huge chalice of supportive energy for you to float around in as you begin your decent into your shadow. It’s for your best interest!

Scorpios are here to assist the collective with leaving their fears behind starting with themselves. They are very mature or old souls who can be steady emotionally empowering presences in the world. The Scorpio represents the fully mature Witch or Shaman archetype when they resurrect their shortcomings and become the Phoenix! In the Tarot, the Scorpion archetype is linked to the death (connected to ego death and endings) and the judgment card (connected to truth and consequences).  They, along with Gemini, are the bridge between worlds and can create alchemy out of thin air when they have integrated their fears into potent magnetism. Magnetic and driven by their clairvoyant mind, they become the archetype of the phoenix. In an ever-evolving world, we should support our powerful Scorpio friends and assist them with their giant tasks by evolving ourselves out of our old stories and begin to embody a higher evolution of awareness so that we can assist in the process of healing humanity. The Scorpio reminds us to see within ourselves that which we project into the world.

“When the windows all are broken and your love's become a toothless crone, When the voices of the storm sound like a crowd, Winter morning breaks, you're all alone. The eyes are blind, blue visions, all a seer can own, And touching makes the flesh to cry out loud This ground on which the seed of love is sown, All graceful instruments are known”

Rat cat ally, roll them bones, need that cash to feed the jones. And the politicians throwing stones, singing ashes, ashes, all Fall down. Throwing Stones” – Grateful Dead