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Sagittarius Mineral Wash T-Shirt

Grateful Dead
Sagittarius Mineral Wash T-Shirt

T-shirt features Astrology based Sagittarius design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Daniel Albrigo.

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T-shirt features Astrology based Sagittarius design on front and Zodiac SYF logo on back. Mid-weight pigment soft t-shirt with an added mineral wash for a cool vintage look and faded feel. Shirt has a relaxed fit and runs true to size. Original front art by Daniel Albrigo.
  • Relaxed Fit - True to size
  • 6.1 oz, 100% ring spun cotton
  • Color: Royal Caribe
  • Brand: Comfort Colors with Mineral Wash
  • Dead.net exclusive
Track Listing

Sagittarius the Magical Merlin

When the snow starts falling and there is magic in the air; we welcome the spirit of wonder. From November 22nd to December 21st, the sun enters the sparkle of the fiery Sagittarius. The word Sagittarius means ‘Archer’ in Latin. The constellation of Sagittarius can be easily identified in the nights sky during the middle summer months by the bright star Kaus Australis that forms what some call a teapot with the other bright stars within the constellation. While the archers bow within the full constellation points directly at Scorpio’s star Antares, the Tea pot pours directly into the galactic center which is a large supermassive black hole. You can also see the Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae create a shimmery spectacle surrounding this bright constellation. The Sagittarius constellation has 15 messier objects which again, are bright and easily seen along the ecliptic. In Greek mythology one popular myth surrounding Sagittarius is the story of Krotos, the son of pan (a satyr muse) who invented the bow and founded rhythmic beats. He was placed among the stars by Zues to commemorate his many shiny inventions. Krotos is said to represent the mutability between human and spirit. The centaur named Chiron is also associated with Sagittarius as he represents the sacrifice one makes in order to learn and grow. The common thread that weaves these stories will be the emphasis on knowledge and wisdom that ultimately unlocks profound change.

“California, Preaching on the burning shore, California, I’ll be knocking on the golden door

Like an angel, Standing in a shaft of light, Rising up to paradise, I know I'm going to shine”

Sagittarius are positive and exciting characters and can be recognized by their shiny jovial eyes. Their enthusiasm for self-improvement is infectious. Sagittarius people are here to bring wisdom and merriment into all that they do. You will notice their athletic or aesthetic bodies as well as their overall excitement. Sagittarius are social creatures who teach and learn in fantastical or alternative settings. You will find Sagittarius traveling for spiritual schooling or competing in the Olympics. Sagittarius rules the lower part of the torso and thighs which gives them great stamina in physical arts! The Sagittarius can be a bit blunt and unpredictable which can also be seen by some as irresponsible. The Sagittarius loves to ponder otherworldly or spiritual ideals that are often far beyond our scope of reality. The often blind optimism of the Sagittarius can get them into some difficult places but they will always bounce back with enthusiasm! “While the firelights aglow, strange shadows from the flames will grow, Till things we’ve never seen will seem familiar.”

Sagittarius are associated with positivity, teaching, manifesting, and the laws of attraction. Sagittarius are always looking to improve themselves and tend to overlook their shortcomings. The Sagittarius is always thinking and having epiphanies and make great scholars, teachers, athletes, musicians, inventors because they are always trying to learn. Much like their dual opposite, the Gemini, they would rather be adventurous then become tied down to something. The Sagittarius can be a bit queasy when it comes to commitment especially where someone else has authority. The tarot cards for Sagittarius are the wheel of fortune and temperance. The wheel of fortune teaches us that luck is always around the corner and that we have to keep going in order to reap the benefits. The temperance card teaches us to use our morals and thoughts to guide our heart in a more clear direction. The Sagittarius just doesn’t like to commit; they are a bit of a social climber in that they keep their options open for the most important meetings. The Sagittarius has been called the wandering prophet in that they are always on a mission of some kind. When it comes to manifestation; the Sagittarius channels their inner Merlin and can learn the ropes of any mystery school leader and become a magician.

Sagittarius is the 3rd fire sign, building on the creative and passionate Leo. Sagittarius is here on earth to teach us all to live more in the moment and to allow our inner freedoms to open new pathways to higher states of existence. The Sagittarius is very excited to share their gifts and knowledge with whoever may be interested, and they won’t be offended either way; their feelings do not get as hurt when compared to the other signs. One thing that they make a priority is to fulfill their desires and will not make compromises so easily when said desire is in question. Because the Sagittarius is a big dreamer; they can often gloss over the more individual needs of their intimate partners. One thing you will not want to do is try and control the Sagittarius for their vast yet amorphous billowing energy might knock you out before you even try.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is seen as the good luck charm of the zodiac. Historically, Jupiter is known as the planet of wisdom and authority. Jupiter moves quickly when compared to the other outer planets (Saturn and Neptune); making its entire orbit around the sun in just 1 year. Because of Jupiter’s yearly cycle in each sign it can be seen as a fortuitous planet that astrologers rely on to forecast the expansions for the year ahead. Wherever Jupiter is in your chart will be full of possibilities, magic and great opportunities. Jupiter tends to give wisdom and luck; expanding the energy of whatever it touches.

Sagittarius rules over the 9th house in the natal chart. The 9th house represents the area of life where we approach higher learning and indulge our quest for knowledge. Whichever sign and planets are present in this house will show the attitude and available energy concerning higher education, teaching and traveling. The 9th house rules over luck, manifestation, foreign cultures, the higher self as well as religion. This house brings great rewards to those who embrace a strict moral code but can be tricky and laden with escapism and spiritual bypassing within more chaotic expressions. It is in this house that your spirit begins to teach you and your vision quest or journey begins. There is a tendency for 9th house to encourage a preachy or hierarchical mentality within spiritual dogmas that are following a traditional timeline. It is important to look at the higher manifestations which include spiritual sovereignty and joy. The greatest gift of the 9th house is truly becoming your own guru; free to learn and grow in whichever direction you choose!

The Sagittarius child is always curious, a bit of a loose cannon, and genuinely concerned with morals and religion. The Sagittarius child will question everything and have a specific yearning for fantastical stories. The Sagittarius child will love religion or at least have a strong desire to learn about god. The Sagittarius child will be the most ‘childish’ child truly living to enjoy each and every activity from school to sports to science camp. The Sagittarius can change their minds often as they learn to trust themselves more fully. The Sagittarius child relies heavily on the teachings of their family and will often be born to intellectual or spiritual families. Sagittarius make excellent students of any subject and may require a little extra patience while they figure it out. The Sagittarius can become brash or emotionally unaware when they become underwhelmed or undervalued by their peers. It is important to teach the Sagittarius child about self-reflection and emotions so that they don’t accidentally hurt people on their path to positivity. One of the signs that the Sagittarius may be straying from their path is if they become social climbers or idolize people; in which case they may need a little reassurance that they are enough and do not need to prove anything to anyone!

Sagittarius have a lust for life and a thirst for something greater than themselves. They will take you on a wild journey if you try and pin one down. Sagittarius will be blunt an upfront about their intentions and this can make newcomers dizzy. Sagittarius will often be the child in the relationship that may take years longer than their peers to make a final decision on what it is that they want. Partnerships can be very positive for the Sagittarius once they have a healthy dose of self-awareness. The Sagittarius lies on the mutable axis of mind with its opposition being Gemini which creates a thirst for mental stimulation and variety. The Sagittarius may appear to be in competition with only themselves. The ‘never-never land’

that they often can live in makes the Sagittarius one of the late bloomers of the zodiac as far as intimate partnerships or friendships are concerned. The Sagittarius simply doesn’t want to over commit or hurt anyone’s feelings and because of this they can cause a lot of crooked heads when they uproot their entire lives to follow their calling. If a Sagittarius is looking for romance they generally do great with Geminis or any sign that can keep up with them mentally.

The Sagittarius is a mutable genius who is here to truly assist us in manifesting and shifting our reality. The Sagittarius wants to become a mystery school teacher, a leader, or a traveling jet setter. Whatever they can learn can be retained and reworked into higher states of mental clarity and eventual freedom. The Sagittarius spends their life searching for freedom and has very little patience for authority or control. If you are trying to get something other than a handshake from a Sagittarius, you may want to look elsewhere. The Sagittarius loves many but from a distance kind of like Santa Claus, who surely was a classic Sagittarian. To spread love and joy around the world is truly and aspiration for the Sagittarius and can be seen in the Grateful Dead. One thing is for sure, you will feel the energy billowing out from the Sagittarius; especially when they are speaking from the heart. The Sagittarius is governed by a strict inner moral code but often lack the tack to express their thoughts in an unbiased way. They have a higher calling that they need to follow and won’t you join them?

“Long distance runner, what you holdin' out for? Caught in slow motion in a dash for the door

The flame from your stage has now spread to the floor, You gave all you had. Why you wanna give more? The more that you give, the more it will take. To the thin line beyond which you really can't fake."

“The Grateful Dead were very kind. It was Santa Claus. It did good things. It allowed other people to benefit. The benefits that we played were enormous, and we played free. So you've got a band that loves to play free, and that was a wonderful thing.” - Mickey Hart